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How I Work

I use an integrative approach, meaning I will use a variety of different techniques to help you in your journey; we are all unique so it is important that I adjust my techniques depending on your needs, recognise and respect your uniqueness and move at a pace with which you are comfortable. The sessions are not about me offering advice; I aim to be genuine, non-judgemental, reliable and empathetic to help you better understand yourself, enabling you to gain clarity on aspects of your life, resolve problems which are troubling you, make decisions that are right for you, enhancing self-confidence and ultimately helping you to achieve a happier life.

Reaching out for help can be difficult and daunting, as can coming in for your first session. When we meet for the first time, it will be an opportunity to get to know each other; we can discuss what it is you would like to bring to therapy and what you would like to achieve. I work in an honest and down to earth way and will ask you a few questions, discuss some of the events that have brought you to therapy and look at how my services might be able to help you. You will have an opportunity to ask any questions you have about counselling. Then if you decide to continue, we can agree on a regular appointment schedule (normally 6, which can be extended if we wish) to explore the next steps in your journey and how we can undertake them together. I have daytime and evening appointments available and am happy to work with either a fixed number of sessions or an open ended arrangement.

I practice in accordance with the BACP ethical framework.

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