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Couples Counselling

Session time : 50 Minutes

Cost : £50 Per session

Half Price Initial Session

For couples my focus is always to support and encourage a positive outcome for both people and to find a deeper love and understanding for yourself and others.

Having someone close to us can be a huge contributor to our sense of well-being but when our primary relationship isn't always as we hope, it can have a deep and stressful impact. Often couples can get into a state that feels impossible to emerge from, an inescapable impasse. Whether the intention is to stay together or separate amicably the work of couples therapy is to unfold and inquire into the state that your relationship is in and to address that which is holding you back from having the relationship that you hope for. It may seem hard to imagine that if the state of the relationship can be understood with care, then what can come out of this relationship can be treasured and lead to greater intimacy and understanding of one another.

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